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Update: After a nearly 2-year hiatus, the Quill is back. Unfortunately older articles are missing – I’ll try and piece them back together over time. The mobile version is also a bit borked so it’s best to view on Desktop. Thank you for reading!

A brief overview – this is the only out-of-character page on the site.

Thank you for visiting The Leaky Quill website. This is the home of a fictional in-game newspaper, a project for roleplayers on Argent Dawn EU. There is already a selection of great publications to read based on happenings around the server, such as the brilliant Argent Post, with others serving as a fantastic way of seeing what’s happening from a neutral and news based perspective.

But there wasn’t a newspaper solely dedicated to the crusty underbelly of real world journalism. Gossip, slander, and regular invasions of privacy. I won’t name those real sources here – but let’s be honest, if you even so much as use the internet, you’ll know the kind of places I’m talking about.

So, from the question: what would a bored, gossip-hungry noblewoman read every evening over supper? The answer came as the Leaky Quill.

It began on the Argent Archives in the form of just a front page which I enjoyed designing and putting together, but inevitably it took up a lot of time to produce just one page of it. It also wasn’t a very reader friendly format, the advantage of having a custom design as an image had the sacrifice of not being very legible. So this site was born as an easier way to throw up articles, but hopefully still keeping the style of the original project.

So, in-universe the Quill produces an evening edition of its paper every day, but obviously, what with the real world being on fire and everything, I don’t have the time to dedicate to that. The homepage serves as an ever-changing edition – when your character buys a copy, or fishes one out of a bin, that’s what they’ll see. You can choose to ignore historical articles as they’d probably be in a previous issue, or not.

The whole thing involves a little bit of imagination, though I’ve tried through the styling of the site to keep things immersive, but the end goal is to have a source that can act as a small part in your character’s routine. A small headline could be fuel for a story prompt, or even something to simply chat about in the tavern.

Even if you just enjoy the OOC visit and it’s not a part of your in-game world, I hope you have fun on the site.

The Quill will always be open to new authors who enjoy the style of writing often embarrassingly bad articles about things, and of course it’ll always be open to suggestions or improvements! The editor’s note about story tips or any other IC messages should be sent through too, I love them!

You can contact me in the following ways:

IC letters can be sent in-game to the character Bridget (Alliance)
Message me @ argentarchives.org/Bridget