Opinion: Five Places We Wish Would Get Hit By A Second Shattering

April 12, 2023 ·

THOUGH the Shattering over a decade ago wreaked havoc on glorious places like Gilneas, here’s a few lesser locations we’d like to see get hit by a cataclysmic event.

5: Suramar

We have few compliments for a city that fell over at the first offer from our old time enemies, the Burning Legion. We have fewer still for magic-riddled, arcwine-drizzled snobs who jumped into bed with the Horde as soon as we did the dirty work for them! What a shame it would be to see their vineyards hit by a nasty locust swarm or two…

4: Dalaran Crater

One never needs to ask the size a mage’s ego: one must simply look to the disgustingly large hole still there on the shores of Lordamere Lake. It is a testament to their hypocrisy and hubris that their city legged it… without rectifying the extremely dangerous pothole they left behind.

3: Lordaeron

Once a glorious bastion of human resillience, we don’t need to explain how far the kingdom has fallen since. The definition of a rotter infested trench, the so-called “Undercity” was all but improved by the devastating blight that followed the Battle for Lordaeron. We had hoped this soiled chapter in human history was closed until more recent attempts to “restore” the region reached our sources.

2: Westfall

The poor people of Westfall already suffered in The Shattering I with freak tornadoes and natural disasters cropping up all over the place – not that we could tell given the region was already plagued by poverty and despair. Elwynn’s ugly cousin, Westfall has never been a tourist destination, and we feel it would be best served by a more permanent hurricane.

1: Dalaran

We’ve chronicled the bungling magical officials of Dalaran many times in previous issues, and make no mistake, their common folk do little to improve the floating city’s marred reputation either. It is a town of hoodlums, hijinks and – quite frankly – tossers. Not to mention the crippling altitude sickness brought on by the stupid decision to elevate the city to begin with. The huge central tower is obviously an archmage trying to compensate for something.

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